Privacy Policy

We ensure you about the security of privacy of the user and its protection. We offer our customers with the most elevating and all round internet using experience. ASTRONAITRA offers a huge platform for the repository of online sites along with different community services. ASTRONAITRA collects the following information by the user:

•    Information provided by the user

•    Track the entire information while navigation

To get the ASTRONAITRA services, you should agree to access the personal information that you provide for any facility that we offer through our website.


To access our website, one should provide all the necessary information that is needed for the registration process that may contain:

1.    Name

2.    Sex

3.    Credit/Debit card details

4.    Age

5.    E-mail address

6.    Password

7.    PIN Code

8.    Medical history and record

9.    Interest and many more

The information and feedback provided by the user help us to maintain the standard of our website.

The information accessed by the public should not be considered as sensitive and include under Right to Information Act, 2005.

If one places an order on Indiatimes shopping, the user should provide all the asked information like name, age, address and so on. This provided information shall be collected at the time of purchase of product.

We keep the primary 6 and last 4 characters of user’s card number in a safe and encrypted way. The primary 6 characters are used to recognize the bank name and country to know about the card issuing information. These 10 digits together are helpful in fraud detection and prevent the chances of scam.

The main purpose of collecting information is to process, dispatch and ship the product by the customer service. The provided information assists us in the navigation of address for shipping of the product.


We use cookie or allot electronic user ID number to each user so that we can track the useful information that gives us idea of improving our website. A cookie only accesses the information that you supply and not that your hard drive contains. Our advertisers also allot cookie and this is not controlled by us.

Long File Information

When one takes our services, we automatically take some important information about the internet connection like IP address and mobile number. IP number helps us to access the information about your operating system, CPU speed, browser type and connection speed.

Information from Additional Sources

If we receive additional information about you from other sources and add it to the user’s account information and use it according to our policy. If you take services from our partners then they can pass on this information to us.

Purchase and demographic information

We use different software to know about your interests and this information is completely anonymous. That’s how we try to provide you best services.

Connections with Third Party Sites

Some websites are linked to other sites and they have their own return policies which are not handled by us. Once you leave our website page, our policies stop there and you may find different policies there. You can access them by links provided by them or by contacting the website owner. When we show information to our advertisers, our main aim is to aware them about user’s interest. We do not provide any personal information to third Party websites.


ASTRONAITRA shares the personal information to third party websites only under following conditions:

•    When it accompanies any law or government policy that give them right to access the user’s personal information for the determination of verification or any other information necessary for the procedure.

•    ASTRONAITRA provides information just for the smooth processing of accomplishing the task. We ensure you about the security of such information as they agree on the terms and conditions before receiving the information.


The user should provide true information about him otherwise, it may hurdle the procedure. We decline the process requests that are repetitive, jeopardize the privacy policies or need technical effort. When you delete any information, it will take some time to delete the copies of information from our server and ASTRONAITRA then it will remain in our backup system.


We take legal steps when one does unauthorized access to our data. The unauthorized access include data collection of reviews, storage and security rules, appropriate encryption, processing practices, access to physical security etc. When one tries to access them we take security measures against the person.

ASTRONAITRA store all the information behind a firewall and all this is password protected so that no one can access it. We cannot provide a guarantee of the database, we also don’t provide guarantee of the information you provided will be intercepted or not while transmission.

We can change our policies with the evolving internet. The use of information for a consistent update must be necessary and accessible by us always.